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Points by Wassily Kandinsky. Source:

What does it mean to abstract? Abstraction is to hide the specific details of an event and to display only the essential information needed for a scenario. Showing whats relevant to the subject and at the same time submerging the processes of the phenomena.

The above oil on canvas by Wassily Kandinsky is an art piece that comes under the genre of abstract art. As you can see by the image, the artist has portrayed the main elements of the many different events/ideas he wanted to express and he did so within the bounds of one canvas.

Now let’s translate that idea into computer programming languages. JavaScript abstraction is a workflow where a programmer codes in a convention where the implementation details of events are encapsulated and the functionality details are hidden or summarized. This helps to organize data to optimize code and make it more apprehensible for other programmers to work with. …

Im sure you have heard this saying plenty times before. If you did, you were in the right places and at the right time. When different talents and abilities come together, bigger and better solutions are made. What you can achieve with one, you can achieve ten times more with two. And so on.

So what does teamwork mean?

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Definition: The combined action of group of people, especially when effective and efficient.

As you can see the interconnected gears in the last picture (below the google definition) represents how each persons function is to the aim of working together. If one gear slows down or isn’t efficient, the rest slow down as well. On the contrary if the central gear speeds up, so do all (a.k.a …

Ah yes, the year 2020. Where do I begin? Firstly, you should be proud of yourself that you have made it to the ninth month of this year of adventures. Here’s a trophy for your efforts: 🏆

So you must be wondering, what’s the boot?

Good question soldier. So as we know, we live in the age of information. The age where data is the equivalent to the pieces of gold that was used as currency back in the day (people used to hand pieces of gold to each other — Blows my mind every time I think about it).

The technological industry has exponentially sky-rocketed in growth and development to be the fastest growing industry in the modern age. Changing not only our daily lives, but also the way we think as compared to even as little as 10 years ago. As more research and development is being put into computer technology, we are witnessing fiction come to life (we almost have flying cars guys… so close) This graph represents the increase in number of transistors per microprocessor a.k.a …


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